Rapid Transit Projects

State highway system: We are beginning an effort to take back control of our state streets and put a halt to SFMTA plans to create bigger gridlock as part of their failing plans to get us out of our cars, starting with the state highway access and arterial connector streets. We need traffic to flow through the city, from one end to the other without disruptions. We need to channel funds to repair and maintain the failing public transportation system that many rely on, instead of investing in more capital projects that lack maintenance funding.

SFMTA refuses to listen to public requests for cheaper, less complex and less disruptive alternatives. Each project they choose is the most expensive and most disruptive.

If there are trees in the middle of the street they must be removed and replaced with trees on the sidewalk and if the trees are on the sidewalk they must be removed and replaced by trees in the middle of the street. There is no reason other than spending money for these projects.

Our major concerns are:

  1. Caltrans is cutting deals with the SFMTA through city and county representatives.
  2. Vast amounts of state and federal taxpayer dollars and public debt are being used to finance the plans.
  3. We do not trust the SFMTA to fix anything. They don’t have the funding to maintain what they have already bought on taxpayer credit.
  4. SFMTA routinely moves Muni bus stops in front of residential driveways and businesses, reducing property access for residents and businesses. Businesses are suffering from the changes.
  5. SFMTA fails to include the affected public and stakeholders in preliminary plans, ignoring their comments, requests and objections when they unveil them.
  6. Staff and Planning Administrator routinely deny the need for CEQA reviews. Can you think of any review that they have mandated lately without a legal battle?
  7. The SFMTA Board of Directors is appointed by the Mayor to rubber stamp all SFMTA staff plans he approves. They have turned the Planning Department into the Mayor’s permitting department.

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