19th Avenue


The Supervisors to contact about this plan are:
D-7 Norman Yee:  Norman.Yee.Bos@sfgov.org
Speak to his rep: Matthias.Mormino@sfgov.org

WOTPCC George Wooding gswooding@gmail.com
METNA Marc Christensen christensen.marc.metna@gmail.com
PmAC Parkmerced Action Coalition: parkmercedac@gmail.com
Aaron Goodman:
  amgodman@yahoo.com – Submitted alternatives on arouting for this proposal, intermodal at daly city I-280 intersection, and study to re-connect the L-Taraval back up sloat blvd. to West Portal. Contact him for details.

LATEST NEWS – Current TEP plans

  • SFMTA launches Pre-Environmental Study phase. The next phase of work is now kicking off. Check out the SFMTA webpage for the latest information.
  • 19th Avenue Transit Study Final Report Approved by the Transportation Authority Board on March 28, 2014. On February 26, 2014, the Transportation Authority Citizens Advisory Commitee heard the item and unanimously adopted a motion of support to approve the report. On March 18, 2014, the Transportation Authority’s Plans and Programs Committee heard the item and unanimously recommended the item to the full Transportation Authority Board for adoption (view the item on SFGOVTV, beginning at 41:30), and on March 28, 2014, the report was unanimously adopted by the full Transportation Authority Board. Download the report (PDF, 4.8 MB) of final summary Fact Sheet (PDF). 

There is an online study and survey from 2013: www.sfcta.org/19thave

Peter Albert (SFMTA) Peter.Albert@sfmta.com
Liz Brisson (SFCTA) liz.brisson@sfcta.org
You can always send your comments to the Mayor: mayoredwinlee@sfgov.org, Ed Reiskin: Ed.reiskin@sfmta.com and the MTA Board members:  MTABoard@sfmta.com

28 19th Avenue
November 6, 2014

Mercy High School, RistHall
3250 19th Ave San Francisco, CA 94132

Muni is working on multiple fronts to make getting around San Francisco safer, faster and more reliable for our customers. As part of this effort, they are creating a Rapid Network that will improve the frequency and reliability on lines and routes that carry 70% of customers, including the 28/28L. Several improvements are proposed on 19th Avenue between Lincoln and Holloway, including:

  • Adding new transit and pedestrian bulbs
  • Adjusting 28 local transit stop spacing from one to two blocks
  • Removing 28L limited transit stops at three intersections

Learn more about the 28/28L Rapid Proposal online.

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