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MarinaSupervisor to contact in District 5 : D-2 Mark Farrell

For some reason the SF Bicycle Coalition wants to remove the parking spaces on Marina Blvd. Other than they don’t like the way cars look, I can’t see what the problem is for bikes or pedestrians. There is a wide walkway that is easily shared by bikes, and a really big green yard that pedestrians would probably prefer to walk on that we refer to as the Marina Green.  Part of the area between the green and the West end of the street that pours traffic onto the Golden Gate Bridge has no green-way, but there are already two  bike paths and a pedestrians path, by the looks of the photos on this page on the Rec and Park site.

MarinBayTrailRemoval of 51 parking spaces indicated by red line above.

Marina Green parking letter

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  1. Reader comments:

    As a 25 year citizen of San Francisco, I am vehemently opposed to the draconian anti-parking anti-car measures taken by SFMTA and the board of supervisors, as well as the mayors office.
    Clearly, you are not representing the majority of San Franciscans that use cars. I have a family, I have a dog , and I visit the Marina with by car as public transportation is completely impractical. Should you remove parking in the Marina, I simply will no longer visit, and point my car in the direction of the suburbs for shopping and recreation.

    City government, and the bicycle coalition are completely out of control and running roughshod over the democratic process in San Francisco.

    – Jamey

  2. Reader comments:

    The link shows pedestrians walking next to parked cars,
    bicyclists to the left of them, with plenty of road width on Marina Blvd.
    Usually a bike lane is 5 ft wide, they have more than that.

    So why are they complaining? What harm to bicyclists and pedestrians
    are the parked vehicles? People with boats constantly have to carry items
    to and from the boat to their cars.
    What harm is done with cars parked there now?
    Are all 50 vehicles going in and out every 30 seconds?

    Rec and Park needs to identify the problems, harm done by boat owners.
    Are they united to protect their parking spaces?

    – Daniel

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