MasonicSupervisor to contact in District 5 :  London Breed
Supervisor to contact in District 1 :
See Haight Ashbury Improvement Association

Stay Tuned for updates on the plan after the 1/26/16 surprise meeting not mentioned on the SFMTA Masonic plans page.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the meeting may not appear.
Try this: On the Masonic Streetscape page:
Click on Documents and Reports. The top report “Project Update” shows.

For questions about construction, please contact Alex Murillo at or 415.558.5296.
If you have any questions about potential added parking near Masonic Avenue, please contact Maurice Growney at or 415.701.4549.
There are two departments involved, Dept of Public Works and MTA. Write to both of them.

Save Masonic is the site to go to if you have problem with this plan. At least one Planning Commissioner has raised doubts about the of  constricting the flow of traffic north along one of the few major north south corridors left to motorists who need to drive through the city. We are also concerned about the lack of medical facilities in the northern section of the city.

Save Masonic Avenue

Sign the petitionThis project is fundamentally flawed.
Some Masonic Ave project details:

MTA is putting bulb outs, (at an average cost of $150 K per bulbout) on Fulton St. MTA believes if they place the bus stop after the intersection and traffic light they gain valuable seconds instead of waiting in front of a traffic light. However,  going north on Masonic at Fulton, they place a bus stop on the Masonic side of Starbucks, in front of the traffic light. While going south the stop is by the Fulton Market after the bus crossed the intersection, so there is no symmetry to their methods.
Send your questions and comments to the recipients of the petition.

Concerns raised by neighbors: So far SFMTA has not addressed most of the design flaws pointed out by neighbors. The Masonic and Geary intersection is particularly difficult. There is no apparent plan for vehicle access to the homes and businesses on the west side of Masonic south of Geary. Drawings show people walking everywhere.  How is that going to work for the residents with driveways and garages?

In the newest drawing of the cycle track / bus stop (5/2014) shows the island for the bus stop cut by a single driveway curb cut, although there are multiple garages. Who has the right of way when a car backing out crosses the island? The cyclist? The bus? The disabled wheel chair guy, or pedestrian? Pandemonium ensues!

Finally, the MTA keeps on referring to their traffic engineers as super capable and highly qualified. The evidence suggests otherwise. Would highly qualified traffic engineers make such blatant errors through several iterations of a plan?

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