The Supervisors to contact about this plan are:
D-7 Supervisor Eric Mar: Eric.L.Mar@sfgov.org

D-4 Supervisor Katy Tang:  Katy.Tang@sfgov.org

Hello Supporters of Keeping Our L Taraval Stops:
Here are some of the “Improvements” coming to Taraval and how you can comment on them. 

Many of you have : seen the signs posted on various corners and the big electric signs flashing that changes are coming.  We wanted to update you.

1.  Stop Removal:  Over the objections of a large portion of the Taraval Community, on February 25, 2017, SFMTA is going to remove the following eight L Taraval stops:
•    inbound, towards downtown: Taraval at 24th & at 28th (Post Office stop) Avenues; and Ulloa at 15th Avenue;
•    outbound, towards the ocean:  Ulloa at 15th Avenue; Taraval at 17th (Safeway stop), 22nd (Library stop), 28th (Post Office), & 35th Avenues.

Massive community support for the Taraval and 17th Avenue stops where Safeway is located convinced the SFMTA Board of Directors to try to keep the inbound stop heading downtown, so for now it is not being removed.

2.  Clear Zones & Lost Parking Starting on January 23, SFMTA began rolling out  the creation of “clear zones” (i.e., no curbside parking) and the loss of the following 81 parking spots on Taraval at L stops where concrete boarding islands will be built in 2018:

image3.  Transit-Only Center Lanes:  SFMTA also is starting to roll out a one year test of transit-only center lanes on Taraval (i.e., MUNI use only), but with left hand turns allowed.

4.  Perpendicular Parking:  After the objections of many residents on Santiago and Ulloa Streets, and Supervisor Katy Tang’s strong request that the residents be consulted first, the planned perpendicular parking spaces are not being created at this time on those streets.  SFMTA is going to study the effect of the loss of parking on Taraval and consult with the residents on the streets where perpendicular parking is planned before making a final decision on whether to create perpendicular parking on those streets.

5.  Six-Month Pilot Program of Painted Boarding Zones:  On another positive note, with strong support from our local Taraval merchant group POPS and many residents, SFMTA agreed to a six-month pilot program of painted boarding zones (between cars parked curbside and the center MUNI lane) at five inbound stops on Taraval (at 26th, 30th, 32nd, 35th, and 40th Avenues) to test whether this increases safety for L riders getting on and off the L.  Painted boarding zones do not result in the loss of curbside parking, as occurs with clear zones and boarding islands.

As part of this pilot program, painted street markings, new signage, and flashing lights on trains will indicate just where drivers need to stop behind trains as they load and unload passengers; an education and enforcement campaign also is planned.  You may have seen the large plastic signs already posted on corners reminding drivers that they have to stop when L riders are exiting and boarding the train.  SFMTA says that if it can increase the percentage of drivers who stop behind a loading streetcar from 72% to 90% and no one is injured at any of these locations during the pilot program, boarding islands will not be installed at these five inbound stops in 2018, with much parking saved.  Everyone wants L riders to be safe when they exit and board the L, but many in the community believe that this can be accomplished through the pilot program without the loss of needed parking on Taraval.


What Can You Do?
If you object to any of the upcoming changes, you can lodge a complaint by calling 311.  Make sure you get a tracking number and that you ask for an email response.  Or you can email Rachel Hayden, the SFMTA Public Information Officer for Transit Planning, at rachel.hyden@sfmta.com, and ask for a response.  Please forward all responses to us.   We won’t know if we can convince them to make any changes unless we try.

Thanks to everyone for your support so far.

Paula, Save Our L Taraval Stops!

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