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Government Overreach is killing our communities. There are over 100 bills in Sacramento this year involving jurisdiction over land use decisions by supporting By Right legislation. SB 35 is one of the worst.

By-RightActions you can take to Stop SB35: If you have any contacts around the state, we could use some help in stopping SB 35. This bill has something for everyone to hate. We need people all over the state to reach out to their assembly members to stop this bill.

SB 35 Wiener, This is a “spot” bill intending to eventually address the removal of barriers to implementing housing, and affordable housing in particular. More forced density. Passed Senate is now in the House Housing and Community Development Committee – this year’s By-Right.

Thanks to everyone who helped Stop the Speed Camera Pilot Program in San Francisco and San Jose with your signatures, letters and comments!

We will keep this for next year when Chiu plans to revive it. has a full explanation of the bill, a petition to sign, and phone numbers of legislators to call. Call David Chiu at (916) 319-2017 and tell him you don’t appreciate him introducing legislation that takes away your rights!

Assemblymember David Chiu from San Francisco has introduced legislation to allow speed cameras to be used in California for the first time. The bill, AB-342 does not simply allow enforcement of speed laws using an automated enforcement system rather than a live police officer.

AB-342 drastically changes California speed laws and enforcement in very negative ways. While some might view the use of speed cameras as a tool in promoting roadway safety,

AB-342 is seriously flawed. It eliminates virtually all current protections afforded to motorists in speed related cases and allows jurisdictions to run speed traps in their cities, ensuring that the program will be used as a revenue generation scheme, not for public safety.

AB-342 makes the vehicle owner responsible for speeding tickets and takes away a defendant’s right to a trial. Instead, the ticket is treated as a civil violation which will be adjudicated in an administrative hearing without traditional due process rights.

Now sign the Petition to Protect Your Rights! Tell David Chiu you don’t appreciate his legislation that takes away your right to a trial, makes you responsible for the actions of others, and eliminates protections against cities running speed traps.

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