So Tired of Pervasive Social Engineering Supporting SFMTA’s Direction

Social engineering is pervasive:
At the state level:
Cap and Trade plans to spend $5B on social engineering (your last PG&E bill likely has a small social engineering credit/bribe in it). But over $3B is for housing and transportation socially engineered their way (high density transit oriented development – TOD) – the kind of stack and pack housing you see in Mission Bay. Ref: AB32, SB375, SB535, SB1018.
At the regional level:
Your new unelected government (ABAG and MTC) have created the Bay Area Plan to dictate and incentivize land and transportation use in the same way.
At the city level:
All related departments plans reference or align to the Bay Area Plan. SFMTA is a good example. It is a semi-autonomous self-funded entity that is reengineering the streets to fit TOD goals (i.e. make driving miserable so you have to walk, bike, or use crappy transit)
We’re being social engineered to death. Push back now. Vote No on A and B, Yes on L!

Road Diet for Cesar Chavez Street

SFMTA – excerpt – 10/3/14

moving-sf_originalSome streets could do with a diet, and Cesar Chavez Street used to be one of them.

If you visit the corridor today, you’ll see that its belt has been tightened with a “road diet.”

A road diet is a transportation planning technique where the number of travel lanes or width of the road is reduced to make the street slower and safer.

Cesar Chavez was designed for rush hour traffic. Its six wide, freeway-like traffic lanes encouraged high vehicle speeds and created an uncomfortable experience for people wanting to cross it or ride a bike on it… (more)

Future Shock : Too much too soon


Alvin Toffler introduced us to the concept of Future Shock in a book with that Title in 1970. We are experiencing first hand what the author warned us of when he wrote, “Future shock is the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time.”

If that doesn’t describe 2014 San Francisco I don’t know what does. We are all reeling from too much too soon. We are being subjected to too much news, too much data, too many bills, too many homeless living on our streets, too many choices, too many social engagements, and too many rules and regulations that are infringing on our lifestyles. We are stressed beyond the breaking point coping with the too much too fast syndrome. The one thing we lack is time.

Too much traffic leads the list of frustrations. We can’t do much about diseases and wars, or the cost of gas or who gets nominated to run for President of the United States, but we can do something about the disaster we are experiencing on our streets.

We can vote No on A and B and Yes on L to send a strong message to city authorities that we have no faith in SFMTA’s current lineup of directors and staff and we are ready to take back control of our streets.

We blame the SFMTA for everything that is wrong with parking, traffic and the public transit system. The SFMTA assumed total control for management of the streets, so they own all the problems and the blame associated with their system. Their failure to serve the public what the public needs and wants is coming to bite them. San Francisco residents do not trust them to make good decisions, or to fix any of the problems they are blamed for creating.

The SFMTA has failed. The change we need is a change in leadership and priorities. SFMTA needs to get us where we need to go, not tell us how to get there.

Demand relief. Vote No on A and B (No more money without accountability) and Yes on L: Restore Transportation Balance.