So Tired of Pervasive Social Engineering Supporting SFMTA’s Direction

Social engineering is pervasive:
At the state level:
Cap and Trade plans to spend $5B on social engineering (your last PG&E bill likely has a small social engineering credit/bribe in it). But over $3B is for housing and transportation socially engineered their way (high density transit oriented development – TOD) – the kind of stack and pack housing you see in Mission Bay. Ref: AB32, SB375, SB535, SB1018.
At the regional level:
Your new unelected government (ABAG and MTC) have created the Bay Area Plan to dictate and incentivize land and transportation use in the same way.
At the city level:
All related departments plans reference or align to the Bay Area Plan. SFMTA is a good example. It is a semi-autonomous self-funded entity that is reengineering the streets to fit TOD goals (i.e. make driving miserable so you have to walk, bike, or use crappy transit)
We’re being social engineered to death. Push back now. Vote No on A and B, Yes on L!

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