Inner Sunset Streetscape Design Review Draws a Lively Crowd

Inner Sunset Streetscape Design Review Draws a Lively Crowd
hoodline – excerpt:

San Francisco Public Works (DPW) held a community meeting last night at the County Fair building (1199 9th Ave.) to present revised plans for the Inner Sunset phase of the Irving Streetscape Improvements Project. Once completed, DPW says the project will shorten travel times and “provide a safer and more inviting environment for pedestrians, motorists and transit riders.”

The presentation reviewed proposals for Irving Street between 9th and 5th avenues. Project manager Mike Rieger said the goals for this section of streetscaping were to add green space and new, safe transit amenities, as well as community spaces “which reflect the neighborhood identity.” Project costs are covered by a 2011 Road Repaving and Street Safety Bond (more)

One thought on “Inner Sunset Streetscape Design Review Draws a Lively Crowd”

  1. Reader comment:

    …at 9th & Irving( one block from GG Park) DPW wants
    to build mounds with trees and benches. DPW’s goal is to place so much stuff(planters, benches, trees) on the sidewalk that there will be little space for pedestrians to walk.

    On this block the sidewalk is 12 ft wide. The bulb outs will be
    another 12.5 ft wide, making the sidewalk 24.5 ft wide. DPW is only allowing a 7 ft path for walking, less than the 12 ft that we have now?!

    I’ve written to DPW about this, they don’t care to respond.

    – Daniel

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