SFMTA Charter Amendment for November Ballot

Yes on Prop L – MTA Appointments and Budget

Let City Hall know you are fed up with the SFMTA. Return the power to the people.  The amendment will split the MTA Board appointments between the Mayor and the Supervisors, 4 to 3 and lower the requirement to reject the SFMTA’s budget from 7 to 6 supervisors, putting the SFMTA management in line with other city departments, and making it easier for the Board of Supervisors to respond faster to voter requests. Ballot language.

They work for us. We don’t work for them.  The SFMTA is the one that needs to shift policies and goals, not the residents. San Francisco needs a transportation system that works today, not a plan for the future. We need a Board who listens to the public not one that dictates to us. Taking seats out of buses and removing bus stops will not help our aging population take public transportation.
Link to a Sample letter to the supervisors

Norman Yee’s Statement

Prop L Graphics

One thought on “SFMTA Charter Amendment for November Ballot”

  1. The SFMTA is out of touch. Their plan to put bulbouts at every corner on 19th Avenue is ludicrous. It will reduce 19th Avenue from 3 lanes to 2 lanes whenever the 28 is present. It is already so over crowded that the Sonoma Airporter Bus takes the Great Highway northbound in the morning.
    The plan for Taraval St. is even worse. Ed Reiskin must own a paint store, wanting to paint 2 lanes red all the way down.
    Add to this mess the plan to close part of the Great Highway and the Sunset district traffic will be like South of Market.

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