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Surprise move on Masonic – last minute meeting notice

Tuesday, January 26, 6:30- PM
John Adams Campus Room 139, SFMTA meeting to explain the Masonic plan to will begin construction of the Masonic bike lane project in mid-2016.  They will provide more information at this meeting. This meeting will be a good opportunity to find out information, question MTA and express your opinion about this $18 million project. Unfortunately, for some reason, the meeting may not appear. Try this: On the Masonic Streetscape page:
Click on Documents and Reports. The top report “Project Update” shows.

For questions about construction, please contact Alex Murillo at or 415.558.5296.
If you have any questions about potential added parking near Masonic Avenue, please contact Maurice Growney at or 415.701.4549.
There are two departments involved, Dept of Public Works and MTA. Write to both of them.

If you object to this project sign the Save Masonic petition and tell the supervisors and the candidates why you object and ask them what they plan to do to reign in the SFMTA. All comments go directly to the recipients.
Comments on the meeting are welcome here. Let us know if this is a Show and Tell or a serious discussion meeting.

Masonic Project gets further scrutiny and is found lacking

Feb. 03, 2015 the MTA Board of Directors held a workshop at the County Fair Bldg, GG Park(9th Ave & Lincoln Way).

They produced a 150 page pdf file talking about their current and future projects; goals. The Board of Directors gave a positive spin on everything they are doing; congratulating all workers.

I extracted 6 pages related to the Masonic Ave project and uploaded the pdf file to:

Page 4 has a bird’s eye view of the Masonic and Fulton intersection. The left side is going north towards McAllister.

MTA is putting bulb outs on Fulton St. MTA believes if they place the bus stop after the intersection and traffic light they gain valuable seconds instead of waiting in front of a traffic light.

However going north on Masonic at Fulton they place a bus stop on the Masonic side of Starbucks, in front of the traffic light. While going south the stop is by the Fulton Market after the bus crossed the intersection. No symmetry.

The page 5 raised bike lane behind the bus stop drawing is an old one. DPW sent me a newer May 2014 draft at:
Spring 2015 DPW might have a design. Still time to get questions in and influence the drawing.

– Daniel