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Support Our Van Ness Appeal And Save Money, Tress, and Historic Lamp Poles

There is a very important hearing and vote that will come before the Board of Appeals on Wednesday, 1/13/16, 5 p.m. at SF City Hall, Room 416. Can you support our Appeal? Please email vannesscoalition@gmail.com TODAY!! We need supporters who can contribute to our efforts, as well as speakers to deliver a prepared message.

It involves the beautiful historic Civic Center District on Van Ness Avenue. This Appeal challenges a recent decision to remove trees, living on Van Ness Avenue since the 1950’s, and 140 historic trolley/lamp poles that were put up for the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition. 34 are in the historic Civic Center District. There are some other unique historic features that should be retained as well.

We are awaiting a separate decision on the fate of the remainder of the 195 trees along Van Ness. That decision will almost certainly have to be appealed also. Watch for another update on this soon.

Please note, the Mayor recently requested that all departments spend less money. Leaving the trees and lampost as they are will cost nothing and save the city millions of dollars it doesn’t have.