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Come tell the SFMTA what you want them to do about Mission Street

Join the Merchants who are protesting the Red Carpet Bombing of Mission Street and tell the Supervisors to StopSFMTA from expanding their business killing plans to other neighborhoods.

PUBLIC MEETING Monday, June 21
2868 Mission Street, (24th and 25th )
at the Mission Cultural Center

Bring your Mission Street concerns to the SFMTA and let them know how you feel about the red carpet bomb on Mission Street.
The SFMTA has set it up as a community hearing with speaker cards so that they could document feedback and incorporate into any revisions of the program: https://www.sfmta.com/calendar/meetings/mission-community-hearing-june-20. See you Monday.

flyer below that you can share.

Use the 311 system to file an official complaint with any of the City Departments.
  You can either call 311 and speak to an operator or to file a complaint online to get it entered into the record. Here’s the link to the online complaint forms. Go to this page and scroll down it to find the form for your complaint: https://www.sfmta.com/contact
All feedback is linked to the 311 system and offers you a referral number, which you can use to check on the status of your complaint.

What SFMTA staff CAN and CANNOT do without Board approval:

What CAN this SFMTA staff group do? The Staff: It appears all they can really do is recommend. They can also change the timing on the traffic signals and they can change some color curbs up to 20 feet long without a public hearing.

What MUST the Board do? SFMTA Board MUST approve removal of: stop signs, no left turns, bus zones, blue zones, towing no parking and stopping signs, required right turns. All of these changes take place at the SFMTA Board meetings. That is why we are taking our issues to the SFMTA Board meeting.

What CAN the Supervisors do? Supervisors can do a lot if 8 or them agree to make the change. A Supervisor may be able to do something about enforcement.

We  asked about enforcement for this Mission Street project:
SFMTA enforces double parking. PCO who directs traffic at forced right turn on Cesar Chavez. SFMTA enforces protection for street painters. Police Department handles the rest of the enforcement. A Supervisor may be able to do something about enforcement.

Save Our Streets

SaveSFBannerStop SFMTA from disrupting the traffic flowing from the Golden Gate Bridge down Lombard and Van Ness Ave.  Write letters to your City Representatives. Complain about the traffic. Tell them you blame the SFMTA and want them held accountable.
( Sample letter)

Major issues and complaints with the Lombard/Chestnut plans apply to Van Ness, Mission, Potrero, 16th Street, Market Street, Geary, Masonic, 19th Ave., and many others. Help the Lombard Corridor Coalition preserve Lombard and Chestnut and oppose the following: https://www.gofundme.com/rhtgd7bk

  • Lane reductions
  • Bus Stop reductions
  • Bus Stops in front of driveways
  • Parking removal
  • Loading space removal
  • Privatizing public streets
  • Extended tow-away zones
  • Extended bus tech zones
  • Tech bus stops
  • Bulbouts
  • Forced turns

These projects involve slowing cross-town traffic as it  enters the city from the Golden Gate Bridge emptying onto Lombard and Chestnut. We have seen no studies of the cumulative effects of slowing traffic on these two streets located within 20 feet of each other.

The Marina Cow Hollow neighbors and merchants will take the lead against SFMTA plans to slow traffic coming off the bridges and moving through the city on our arterial streets that are a part of Federal and State Highways 101 and 280 at the March 15th MTA Board Meeting.

We encourage everyone to come and complain about the situation in your neighborhood and demand a hearing on the SFMTA street projects that are crippling our city, stealing funds from Muni operations and maintenance, driving up fares, and destroying what is left of trust in our city government.

We have witnessed major negative impacts on businesses all over town resulting from lane reductions, parking shortages and difficulty with pickup and deliveries, and servicing accounts.  Some neighborhood merchants have experienced a 40% drop in revenues since the SFMTA completed their streets.

We invite you to send in your comments and show up at the SFMTA Board meetings to speak during public comment.