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Third Street is dangerous to drive on because you can’t see the lines between the lanes. The lanes south of Hudson are constantly moving on and off the MUNI tracks without warning.

Last night I was driving in the rain on Third Street. You cannot see any where the lanes begin and end at night in the rain. Your entire attention must be on where you are going, so you have no opportunity to look for pedestrians or bicycles or anything other than “where did my lane go?” This is too dangerous. We need white lines between the lanes that glow in the dark on Third Street.

This video shows how dangerous Third Street is in the day light.

1. Drivers of cars and bikes have no time to watch for pedestrians stepping out onto the street because attention has to be given to following the winding path of the road.

2. At night in the rain the street lanes are impossible to see. The raised ridge between the street and the MUNI line is not visible. This is the most dangerous street in town for everyone.

3. What will it take for reason to prevail? Must we sue over this too?

4. The raised platforms and street trees make it MORE DIFFICULT to see pedestrians and others waiting to cross.