ENUF on youtube
Parking Wars on A&E  

Parking Meter Blues

Social Engineering video on YouTube
Really funny protest song by candidate for Mayor of Calgary

SFMTA and SFPark Parking Rules: What are they?

ENUF GROUP – SFMTA Meetings on Vimeo

Supervisor Chiu Statement: “Let me let folks know what my perspective on this has been, which is, obviously the fact that I have asked the MTA to look at alternatives to the base case. I have not supported the base case because of the neighborhood impact. And, I was very interested in looking at other options to see how we can minimize the impact on the neighborhood, and I am interested in looking at an alternative that give us a possible future when it comes to phase three.”

My favorite quotes of the evening – “How can you build a tunnel if you don’t know where you are aiming it?”. Ed’s answer, “Great point.”

Supervisor Chiu from zRants on Vimeo.

Tommy D sings the Parking Meter Blues

The Whole Foods Parking Lot

Berkeley Remix

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