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IMG_3378 from zRants on Vimeo.  Video of one of many ambulances stuck in traffic after the medians were installed, shot by a neighbor: https://vimeo.com/228292916

New Potrero Streetscape Project has created a dangerous street. The swerving lanes and street obstacles are not slowing drivers down as promised, but they are confusing them. The obstacle course in front of the SF General Hospital is leading to major traffic jams and holding up the many ambulances on their way to the ER.

Entrance to the ER at General Hospital was moved from 23rd to 22nd Street without consulting the many city departments effected by the move.

Videos show the results of the plan to be pretty much as the neighbors warned they would be. Ambulances are getting stuck in traffic due to the difficulty they have with the new medians that are being installed. The lack of communication between city agencies is evident and under investigation by the Board of Supervisors. Supervisors  Ronen and Cohen are calling for hearings, reports, and explanations.

Notes,  photos, and graphics that were posted prior to the new General Hospital expansion and street work:

BEFORE the improvements  and medians were installed: The Fire Department used the entire width of the street to enter some areas of the hospital. See photos and attached graphics with descriptions of actions. https://metermadness.wordpress.com/fire-trucks/

PotreroNotes,  photos, and graphics by zrants

Commuters were already faced with long lines of traffic moving south on Potrero Avenue trying to get onto the 101 and 280 freeways every morning. A 20 minute drive to work has turned into and hour drive.

The TEP plans unveiled by SFMTA during public Show and Tells at General Hospital indicate that they plan to remove traffic lanes and parking , widen sidewalks, add bike lanes and trees in the middle of Potrero Avenue. They also plan to cut service to the bus lines that serve the hospital. We heard that the roads coming from the east will allow less access than is currently available from that direction.

We are scratching our heads over this plan, which has infuriated nearby residents. The General Hospital is planning to build a new 9 story R& D building on the existing parking lot next to the current ER, so that parking will disappear as well.

We recently photographed a fire truck and engine entering and exiting a parking lot at General Hospital with some difficulty. None of the streets go straight through into the hospital from the West. The ER vehicles used the area where the trees are planned to maneuver in and out of the driveway. See photos and diagrams here.

If there is no other reason to oppose the SFMTA TEP this is a good one. Probably writing the supervisors and the Mayor and signing the petitions to stop the plan are the best bet. Voting No on A and B and Yes on L are also advised. More details on that here.

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  1. Posted for reader:

    Traffic on 17th Street keeps getting more and more congested with all of the increased industry, housing, vehicular traffic, pedestrians and bicycles coming from the Mission and all the way over to 3rd Street. With all of the housing that is slated to be built around the design center and across the 16th and 17th Street corridors, the gridlock will only get much worse than it currently is. ”

    1. We “ain’t seen nothing yet”. Wait ’till the Hospital opens, Mission Bay stack and pack buildings are finished, 16th Street development projects get underway, and new development around Warriors stadium starts, etc. The SFMTA TEP plan will convert lanes on 16th to bus lanes, and 17th to a bicycle thoroughfare and more stupid traffic calming features. The Civil Grand Jury noted there is a transit plan and bicycle plan but no street plan. The SFMTA thinks Transit Only means no cars. The more they can do to make drivers life miserable, the happier their management is. Their engineered congestion will allow them to establish congestion pricing to get even more of our money to spend against us. The same thing is happening with parking. The city’s “war on cars” is firmly established so don’t expect anything they do to ease driving. I want good transit, but cannot support SFMTA’s direction. I’m voting No on A, No on B, and Yes on L. Maybe they will get the message.

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