The Supervisors to contact about this plan are:
D-7 Supervisor Norman Yee: Eric.L.Mar@sfgov.org

D-4 Supervisor Katy Tang:  Katy.Tang@sfgov.org

Supporters of Keeping Our L Taraval Stops:
Massive community support for the Taraval and 17th Avenue stops where Safeway is located convinced the SFMTA Board of Directors to try to keep the inbound stop heading downtown, so for now it is not being removed.

The stops and other Taraval area alterations are Item 11 on the Tuesday July 17th 1 PM agenda for the SFMTA Board of Directors meeting.  Supportive emails and pubic comments for keeping the inbound Safeway stop at 17th and Taraval are appreciated.

All of this takes place as the tunnel closes for repairs and the L Taraval becomes less useful and reliable.


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