5 Fulton

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5 Fulton Rapid Project Updates

The No. 5 travels on McAllister as well as on Fulton. West of Van Ness, McAllister is a narrow two-lane, two-way street. Each single lane is flanked by parking.

Some moron has caused a bicycle lane to painted in the middle of each traffic lane. This means that when the No. 5L, packed with riders, travels westward from Van Ness, it very often has to slow down from its normal 20 to 25 mph to a 6 mph creep because of small groups (3 – 5) bicyclists puffing their way up the slight rise from Octavia to Fillmore and beyond.

Bicycle improvements do not belong in places that slow down buses. That would seem obvious enough for almost everyone to understand. yet Muni is already being significantly impeded because of numerous MTA mistakes, no doubt instigated by the incessant single-issue lobbying of the bicycle “community”

– a frequent rider

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