EmbarcaderoThe Supervisors to contact about this plan are:
D-3 Aaron.Peskin@sfgov.org
D-6 Jane.Kim@sfgov.org
D-10 Malia.Cohen@sfgov.org

SFMTA project manager: Dan.Provence@sfmta.com.
You can always send your comments to the Mayor: mayoredwinlee@sfgov.org, Ed Reiskin: Ed.reiskin@sfmta.com and the MTA Board members: MTABoard@sfmta.com
SFMTA project manager: Dan.Provence@sfmta.com

SFMTA Gets Input on Plans for a Better Embarcadero

by : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

Yesterday evening, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency held an open house, at Pier 1 on the Embarcadero, to get public feedback for the Embarcadero Enhancement Project. From the SFMTA website:

embarcadero-cross-section-convertedThe SFMTA, Port of San Francisco, San Francisco Planning Department and San Francisco Public Works Department are collaborating on a planning project that will increase safety and comfort of travel along The Embarcadero. Working with the community, the Embarcadero Enhancement Project seeks to develop a Complete Streets conceptual design and cost estimate that includes a bikeway along The Embarcadero from AT&T Park at King Street to the Fisherman’s Wharf area. A bikeway is a bicycle facility that is physically separated from moving or parked vehicles and pedestrians...(more)

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  1. Here is the text of an e-mail I sent on August 21 to the project manager and copied to 9 others identified as members of the Port, SFMTA, etc. Two months later I have no replies, but I was foolish to think anybody would respond. E-Mail:

    Mr. Provence

    I have a deep interest in the Embarcadero Enhancement Project. I saw the presentations to the Port Commission and to the Planning Commission.
    I am heartened by the stated public outreach that you have committed to. I request to be invited to the technically focused workshops and the one-to-one meetings.

    I did notice that the only public comment at the Port Commission was from the Bicycle Coalition who clearly had their “public input” prior to the rest of the public. When called out on the issue of bicyclists following the rules, Diane Oshima explained that they received significant public input about that, but the Bicycle Coalition was “shy” about mentioning it. I suggest that all interest groups truly get equal input. You could go along way toward restoring public confidence in “public input”, by documenting all “one on one” input on the website immediately after each meeting.
    The Embarcadero is a city-wide asset, as such all neighborhoods should have input. Drivers, the disabled, the elderly, and commercial vehicles are a city wide interests group that also need outreach and involvement in this project.

    My initial input is that the stated scope of the project is already too limited. I strongly suggest you expand your thinking beyond 2 dimensions. For example consider an elevated cycle track as used on the Copenhagen waterfront:

    Pedestrian overpasses or underpasses should be considered in a few high density crossings such as at the Ferry Building. Any parking loss from this project should be replaced locally off-street by the Port.

    Thank you for considering this input. I look forward to a better community process from the Port than the usual SFMTA process which is often perceived listening and ignoring, unless you’re from one of the non-profit lobby groups.


  2. Get involved to protect Embarcadero parking and access
    SFMTA link to register to attend:

    Following a project open-house in July, the public is invited to share their vision for a better Embarcadero corridor through a November public workshop series.

    On the first three Thursdays in November, the SFMTA will host three separate public workshops which will focus on different segments of The Embarcadero (northern, central and southern.)

    At the workshops you’ll have the opportunity to:

    Take part in a hands-on design exercise to envision a protected bikeway on The Embarcadero;
    Let us know about key issues and opportunities on the corridor, and;
    Meet other people interested in transportation, The Embarcadero, urban design and San Francisco!

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