Polk Street

TEPSlowingContact D-3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin or one of the following neighborhood groups: Russian Hill Neighbors, Middle Polk Neighborhood Association, Lower Polk Neighbors, Save Polk Street

SAVE POLK STREET supports alternatives to SFMTA plans to remove a majority of parking on Polk St, and supports safety improvements and beautification of Polk St for pedestrians, cyclists, and anyone who enjoys the unique vitality of Polk Street. Please send a letter to the city officials advising them to stop the project that no one likes agrees on.

See the article that ran in the Marina Times for updates on the plan and the reasons why no one likes it.

Expect congestion next three years: Lombard, Polk, and Van Ness construction projects to run simultaneously
By Susan Dyer Reynolds : marinatimes – excerpt

In San Francisco, where extensive construction work has taken over the city’s neighborhoods and business districts, it seems almost absurd to attempt three enormous, overlapping projects on and around three major Northside thoroughfares, but that’s exactly what the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has planned. Here’s the latest news on the Polk Streetscape project, the Van Ness Transit Corridor Improvement and Bus Rapid Transit project, and the Lombard Street Invest in Neighborhoods Initiative… (more)

The author wants to know how you feel about these plans so let her know. Also let the city officials know.

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