Mission Street

SlowingMissionMission Rapid Project

The supervisor to contact is :  District 9 David Campos

MTA Board Meeting 8/16/2016 – After a number of community meetings with staff, Ed Reiskin and Supervisor Campos, the SFMTA Board met on August 16, 2016 and agree to correct some problems. The video for that meeting is here: The item starts around 2:28:20 on the tape.

 Not that many cars on Mission. Buses appear to get in each other’s way.

Roberto Hernandez presented results of a survey conducted by local organizers, which indicated that roughly 84 percent of businesses along the corridor reported a loss in business.
Gwyneth Borden, made some interesting comments that I transcribed in this document: Gwyneth Borden comments.

The MTA Board agreed to make some adjustments, but the Mission community organizers, with Campos help, are pressing for more as are most other merchants groups in town.

Red Carpet Stays, Few
Restrictions Lifted
on Mission

By   – Small tweaks will be made to the transit project implemented along Mission Street in the spring of 2016, but opponents said they will continue to fight for more changes.
Opponents said the transit-only lanes, forced right turns, left turn restrictions, and bus stop consolidations along Mission Street from 14th to Randall streets have failed to serve the most vulnerable and have hurt local businesses…
“It’s hard to say why business is down this year and we don’t know why,” she (Ms. Board) said. “There seems to be a slowdown, and I’m not saying that that’s the total reason for things happening on Mission Street, but there are two forces happening at one time.”.. (more)

The MTA Board fails to realize, or admit, that their plan to force people out of their cars is killing the businesses. After fighting traffic all week, no one has the stomach for a night out on the town. People are staying home to relax from the stress. The high rents and expenses along with a decrease in revenue is closing a lot of businesses in San Francisco.

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  1. the red carpet has definitely deterred my from wanting to go any where near Mission street. I have 3 children, who I drive to 3 schools. no I am not taking a bus on Mission street for an errand. I will find somewhere else to shop.

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